Instant Pot Chickpeas

cooked chickpeas in bowl

Instant pot chickpeas are an easy & convenient way to get perfectly cooked chickpeas you can use in any recipe.




Preparation (optional)

  1. Soak the chickpeas in 2 cups water in a steel container for 8-10 hours or overnight. In the morning, drain the water, rinse the chickpeas and proceed with the recipe.


  1. Put the chickpeas in the steel insert of your instant pot.
  2. Add water and salt (if using) and secure the lid. Make sure the steam release handle is on sealing. Press the pressure cooking button on high pressure (‘manual’ button in older models) and set the time. 30 minutes for soaked chickpeas and 50 minutes for unsoaked chickpeas.
  3. When the timer beeps, wait for 10 minutes, then release pressure. Open the pot and stir the chickpeas once. They are ready to be used in your favourite recipe!


  1. The ratio for chickpeas to water is 1:2 in the instant pot. You can increase or decrease the quantity of chickpeas according to this ratio.


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